i own a go

i own a go

Quick Start Guide

There are safety risks when learning to ride the Immotor GO. You must read the Instructions and follow the User Tutorial in the Immotor GO App before your first ride. Quick Start Guide file and German, French, and Spanish translations are available online at here.

GO Tutorials

Unfold Step 1

1. Insert finger below the latch to the back of the slot, then lift to pop "T" handle up.
2. Pull up the "T" handle until is stops(About 5 inches)

Unfold Step 2

While holding "T" handle, lift trigger latch to disengage footboard from body.

Unfold Step 3

Gently kick rear wheels away from main body as you lower the footboard toward the ground until it latches onto the rear axle.

Unfold Step 4

With one hand on the "T" handle in up position, step on the footboard with one foot, and with opposite hand push red button located the "T" handle with thumb to pull stem up and extend fully

Unfold Step 5

Once stem is locked into an "up" postion, lift up the handle bars(both sides) into horizontal position

Select Handle Bar Heights

Once handle bars are locked into their horizontal position, you may select one of 3 preset handle bar heights by pressing the red button and sliding the stem down until it locks at desired height.

Install The Super Batteries

1. Insert finger in the battery compartment latch to open the battery compartment.
2. With the Immotor logo facing up, slide the Super Battery(2) into the storage slots.
3. Secure the metal clips and close

Find Your Banance

Step onto the GO's footboard as illustrated while at a standstill to find your balance.


Once balanced and ready to go, use the accelerator lever (right index finger) to go, and the brake lever (left index finger) to brake.
NOTE:Both the accelerator and brake are progressive - the more you squeeze, the faster they react.


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